Bulk For Business Registration

Bulk For Business Registration

Buying 100% bamboo toilet paper saves a lot of trees per year. Making a decision to switch allows your company and brand to take a stand to protect our forests.

We want to do our best to offer the best pricing for your business possible so that you can comfortably afford to make a better decision and keep your bathrooms stylish. If you will be ordering in volumes greater than our bulk discounted packages, please email us hello@gono2.com to set up custom pricing.

If you are interested in creating a unique and custom look for your company and want to have your toilet paper wrapped in custom prints to match your interiors, please email us for collaboration quote hello@gono2.com.

Please fill out this form. We will review your application and approve a business discount login for you. Once approved, you will receive a login and will then have access to bulk discounted packages for toilet paper delivery straight to your door.

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