“No.2 toilet paper helps you be a friend to the environment. Made from sustainable, biodegradable bamboo (less likely to cause clogs), it's it's wrapped in patterned recycled paper so pretty that you won't want to hide it under your sink!”
“Toilet paper will likely always be disposable, but there are brands out there working to make the product as sustainable as possible. Enter No.2, a toilet paper company that makes its rolls entirely from bamboo. No. 2's toilet paper rolls have the strength you'd expect from traditional versions and come wrapped in some seriously cute printed recycled paper (no plastic packaging here!).”
“Sure, your standard store-bought toilet paper will get the job done, but that's not good enough for No. 2. This direct-to-consumer brand is all about delivering the highest quality TP in an eco-friendly, sustainable manner.”
“Far says No. 2 is a simple switch for those of us who want to make informed, smarter purchases but can get distracted because “not all eco-friendly products are easy to implement” or have a comparable level of quality to conventional choices.”
“It’s become apparent that sooner or later, every market will be made over in the millennial image. What started with brands like Glossier and Warby Parker has now grown to include direct-to-consumer toilet paper”
“Dr. Goldstein says that if you’re not engaging in proper hygiene, you are leaving yourself open to significant irritation, especially in the hot, humid summer months. one way to clean up your act is to opt for a bamboo toilet paper, which is typically softer and stronger than the traditional kind, like Number Two ($32 for 24 rolls).”
“Hands down, No. 2 has the prettiest recycled paper packaging we've ever seen, and you can pick from a number of different soy-ink-based patterns to match your bathroom's decor ("In Full Bloom" is our top pick).”
“Recently launched No.2 offers toilet paper made with bamboo for a silky-soft, eco-friendly experience.”
“For instance, No. 2 says it has found a way to reduce what it calls “butt crumble,” or the bits of residue that get left behind after wiping. To get the exact texture she was looking for, founder Samira Far spent six months on the R&D process with her manufacturer in China, testing out different formulas, thicknesses, layers of paper, and how quickly it dissolves in water. After all that testing, she settled on a material that is silky to the touch, but won’t leave tiny pieces, um, behind.”
“No. 2, a brand that is big on fashionable patterns with wrappers that are made from 100% recycled paper printed with soybean ink that show off florals, animal prints, and geometric shapes. No. 2 claims its TP will provide a better wiping experience, "because unlike other brands it is strong, silky, and butt-crumble free" (a phrase I never thought I'd be typing). I can attest: The 3-ply stuff really is great!”
“Some people find bamboo toilet paper to be a silkier, cushier option than recycled toilet paper — so if your favorite TP is something super plush like Charmin, a luxe bamboo option may be more up your alley than recycled TP.”
“Did you know that global toilet paper production consumes 27,000 trees daily? Yikes. Recently launched No.2 offers toilet paper made with bamboo for a silky-soft, eco-friendly experience. And as a bonus, each roll comes wrapped with a fun pattern that you'll want to show off in your bathroom.”
“The new brand has elevated the bathroom essential with fun design-forward covers that you'll actually want to keep out for your guests to see. Whether you stack them up on No.2's signature stands or create a pyramid on top of your toilet, they are sure to add rather than take away from your room's aesthetic.”
“The Showfields bathroom features a display for No. 2, a playfully named sustainable toilet paper company.”
“Often we don’t really think too much about it when we’re scanning the long aisles of paper products at our local grocery store but No. 2 has come along to change the way we, as consumers, purchase and pretty much use TP. New to the market, this eco-friendly, sustainable toilet paper company has clever and memorable hashtags such as #byebyebuttcrumble and #reduceyourcarbonbuttprint”
“As mentioned above, toilet paper production consumes 27,000 trees daily—and this cheeky bath tissue brand is doing something about it. Made from 100-percent bamboo, No. 2 is offering an eco-friendly alternative to traditional toilet paper.”
“Ever been to a rest stop that's out of TP? Take No.2 Toilet Paper ($34 for 24 rolls) with you for emergencies.”
“Until recently, the easiest sustainable alternative has been toilet paper made from recycled materials. With the introduction of toilet paper made from fast-growing, renewable bamboo, toilet paper startup No. 2 offers another option.”
“While many consumers are attempting to purchase more eco-friendly products, one area is often forgotten -- your 'carbon buttprint.' Consumers can decrease their carbon buttprint by purchasing No.2 online with the option to purchase through the subscription-based model. The toilet paper is delivered without the use of plastic in 100% recycled paper packaging that's adorned with funky and bright patterns.”
“No. 2 is a brand that is big on fashionable patterns with wrappers that are made from 100% recycled paper printed with soybean ink that show off florals, animal prints, and geometric shapes.”
“Our homes provide the same, if not more, wellness opportunities to calm our mind, body, and spirit... natural toilet paper for when you’ve got to “go”: No.2 is made from 100% bamboo and also a stylish twist on any bathroom.”
“In addition to the cute packaging and cheeky name, No. 2 toilet paper is made from 100% bamboo. Since bamboo can be grown and harvested much faster than other trees, it’s a renewable resource that’s great for our planet. The bonus part is that this bamboo paper is the most luxurious, silky strong TP on the market.”
“Toilet paper with a conscience (it’s made of 100% sustainable bamboo), an eye for style (note the chic dark floral packaging), and a silky, smooth texture that’s gentle on skin. Need we say more?”
“Paltrow has always been a fan of luxury toilet paper. The item, aptly named No. 2 toilet paper, is advertised as being sustainable and comes with 24 rolls (three ply in case you're wondering) and is going for $34, according to the website.”
“Display-Worthy Toilet Paper. Silky, three ply, and clog free.”
“Besides being a better choice for our planet, bamboo toilet paper is also nice and strong, creating a reliable wiping experience. You know how dreadful unreliable toilet paper can be for your hands. And to top it off, these toilet rolls are wrapped in eco-friendly papers in super fun designs.”
“We have found the gift for that someone who has everything! No.2 toilet paper, yes toilet paper! Amazingly strong, silky, eco-chic toilet paper that is made from 100% bamboo and is the perfect marriage of (3 ply and chic), convenience (home delivery), and sustainability.”
“For the couple that registered for a Squatty Potty. Couples that want to optimize every aspect of their bathroom will love this toilet paper’s cheeky packaging.”
“Finds that prove life's necessities don't have to be the least bit boring - even TP.”
“The unexpected exposure, Far hopes, also has provided a fortuitous education for consumers about both bamboo-based TP and the benefits of ordering the product online.”
“This No. 2 bamboo-based toilet paper is one of the softest varieties of eco-friendly toilet paper that I’ve tried (and I’ve tried many), with a nice thickness to it too.”
“Most noticeably, there’s the packaging. By wrapping each roll in paper featuring patterns from flowers to leopard spots, No. 2 does away with plastic, is easier to store than those humongous econo-packs and can be stacked out in the open as a design accent. “If it’s going to be wrapped in paper and if you can put it out, why not make it fun and stylize up your bathroom?” Far said.”
“No.2, a bamboo toilet paper brand that looks tailor-made for Instagram, says it saw a 5,210% month-over-month surge in sales on Amazon for the month of March (compared with February 2020), and sales through the company’s own site—which provides direct-to-consumer and subscription services—rose 3,239% over the same stretch. “The situation is awful, but the interesting twist is that we are seeing consumers once afraid to take the plunge into this eco-friendly world becoming converts,” says a spokesperson for the Los Angeles–based brand.”
“This stuff is the perfect texture and I highly recommend it, buuuut I can't seem to get myself to use more because I love having it as decor in my bathroom so much! This fun upgrade makes for a great gift.”
“After my transition period, I grew to appreciate the strong, clean wipe No. 2 provides. Now, when I use an ultra-plush brand like Charmin, I’m put off by the blanket-soft feel… and I’ve realized how much crumble this softness leaves behind.”
“Trees can take up to 50 years to grow to maturity, so using them for toilet paper is pretty wasteful. No.2 is made from bamboo, a sustainable resource that regrows in six years or less. Bonus: Each biodegradable roll is wrapped in recycled paper artfully designed with soy ink.”
“Unlike cushy pulp-based toilet paper that wipes out about 27,000 trees per day, this bamboo-based toilet paper is made from sustainably grown bamboo pulp, a biodegradable material. This No. 2 bamboo-based toilet paper is one of the softest varieties of this variety of toilet paper that I’ve tried (and I’ve tried many), with a nice thickness to it too.”
“In honor of Earth Month (April), the eco-chic toilet paper company No.2 announced it would support the reforestation of California’s forests with 'One Tree Planted' as part of its commitment to sustainability.”