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Butt CrumbleTM

This is serious. What is butt crumbleTM ? We think this video says it all! Butt crumbleTM is essentially the unwanted gifts those other papers leave behind when you wipe. No, thank you! In fact, we decided to personally test a whole lot of different paper materials to create a smooth and silky toilet paper that’ll have you exiting the bathroom butt crumbleTM free. You’ll find yourself equipped with a light, clean feeling and more pep in your step.

100% Bamboo Strong and Sustainable

Why use a bamboo toilet paper product? Global toilet paper production consumes 27,000 trees daily. You read that right: daily. Bamboo forests reach maturity in 4-6 years and can be harvested yearly compared to trees which typically are harvested after 20 to 50 years (or more!). Besides being a better choice for our planet, bamboo toilet paper is also nice and strong, creating a reliable wiping experience. You know how dreadful unreliable toilet paper can be for your hands.


When designing No. 2, we decided to max out the silkiness. What does that mean? Well, while it’s certainly soft to the touch and strong, we think you’ll find our unique texture unbelievably smooth and gentle on your skin. The end result is something more than you expect from a toilet paper: real tactile luxury. It’s all part of our plan to make the best feeling, best functioning toilet paper on the market.


No more hiding that old unsightly toilet paper wherever you can cram it! Our constantly evolving custom prints match your style and decor. Each No. 2 roll is wrapped in custom printed recycled paper to give your bathroom a more thoughtful, personalized look. Besides being ultra stylish, we like that each roll is covered, protecting it from dust and other nonsense.


24 rolls

240 sheets per roll

3 ply for a strong clean wipe

Silky touch with a classic dot pattern

Clog-safe and septic safe

Wrapper printed with soy ink

Plastic free

Forest Stewardship Council and Responsible Forestry Certified by FSC.org

100% recycled paper packaging that's recyclable

100% bamboo toilet paper

TP Storage Stand


Luxury within reach. These stylish holders make paper storage simple. Just stack our funky prints and bask in the cool.

No.2 Toilet Paper Wall Holder


The modern toilet paper holder has your two most important needs in mind: a sleek shelf accommodates your phone while a stylish hook holds your roll. No more fumbling with awkward holders to replace your paper! No more phone hitting the floor while you go! You’re welcome.

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Potty Talk...

​​I’ve always been a Charmin fan, but after using No. 2 I realized the white dusty residue I have been putting up with for years doesn’t have to happen and I’ve just been settling for a lesser wipe. I was skeptical about a new toilet paper at first, but now I am a convert!!

New York, NY

Having an eco-friendly house is a priority for me, but the recycled paper and tree pulp toilet papers on the market just weren’t cutting it. They were thin, harsh and would fall apart! No. 2 is the best environmentally friendly toilet paper I have found and the fun packaging is a hit with my kids!

Santa Monica, CA

Once I started using No. 2 it was like I discovered this is how toilet paper should be. It has the best texture I’ve ever used, durable but silky soft and never falls apart, and it’s good for the environment! It’s a win, win and comes in super cute packaging!

Dallas, TX

“No. 2 is a simple switch for those of us who want to make informed, smarter purchases”
“Toilet paper will likely always be disposable, but there are brands out there working to make the product as sustainable as possible. Enter No.2, a toilet paper company that makes its rolls entirely from bamboo. No. 2's toilet paper rolls have the strength you'd expect from traditional versions and come wrapped in some seriously cute printed recycled paper (no plastic packaging here!).”
“For instance, No. 2 says it has found a way to reduce what it calls “butt crumble,” or the bits of residue that get left behind after wiping. To get the exact texture she was looking for, founder Samira Far spent six months on the R&D process with her manufacturer in China, testing out different formulas, thicknesses, layers of paper, and how quickly it dissolves in water. After all that testing, she settled on a material that is silky to the touch, but won’t leave tiny pieces, um, behind.”
“Wrapped in custom printed recycled paper, No. 2 masters the unique challenge of making soft, bamboo toilet paper you actually want to show off in your bedroom.”

Sh*t Happens...don't be stuck with an empty roll.

Bamboo is one of the fastest growing, strongest and most useful plants on the planet. With the ability to grow more than a meter a day, bamboo is a renewable resource that reaches maturity in 4-6 years or less; in sharp contrast, trees require decades (20 to 50 years) to recover from harvesting.

Truly a wonder of nature, bamboo grows easily, even in environmentally stressed areas and unique settings like mountainsides and steep slopes, where other crops cannot. The plant thrives in depleted soil and when it is cut, the stem is left in the soil to sprout a new shoot and start the growing process again. Releasing 30% more oxygen into the atmosphere and absorbing more carbon dioxide in comparison to other plants, bamboo protects the environment as it grows and even helps to reduce soil erosion.

Bamboo paper is recyclable. Just like paper made from wood pulp, bamboo paper can be recycled to lessen our impact on the environment and further reduce our reliance on trees and the catastrophic environmental effects of clear-cutting and deforestation.

Overall, bamboo offers us strength, sustainability, versatility, and an environmentally responsible alternative. Some tree free products use fillers like sugar cane and recycled material or even virgin tree pulp fibers, No. 2 toilet paper is 100% bamboo.