COVID-19 & TP Demand


Hello wipers,

We're all living through a very strange and scary time together. One thing is certain, we all want TP.

We're doing our best at No.2 Toilet Paper to maintain stock and are working on bringing back our 48 roll carton in April. We believe we will likely sell out of everything over the course of the next two weeks. So we're asking/ begging:

Will you please purchase responsibly?

If you buy what you need for the next month (vs the next 6 months) then everyone else will also be able to buy what they need for the next month. We can work diligently to make sure we have a continuous flow of "butt crumble free" toilet paper for everyone.

Now that we got that one question out of the way. Let's get to the commonly asked questions right now:

1) Where is No.2 TP shipping from?


2) What are current shipping times?

As of March 10. Things have been wild. We usually fulfill orders the same day if placed before 2pm PST and the next day if after 2pm PST.

During this time, we anticipate a 1 - 3 business day delay in shipping depending on when you ordered. When it does ship, it usually takes between 2 - 5 business days to get to you depending on how far you are from Nevada.

All orders ship via UPS Ground if you are within the mainland.

3) I just placed an order, but my family member found TP somewhere locally. Can I cancel my order?

Maybe. If it hasn't shipped yet, we'd be happy to cancel your order. If it has shipped we cannot take TP back once it leaves our warehouse for sanitary reasons. Email us immediately with your order # in the subject line.

4) Address validation.

Please make sure you put your apartment number or other delivery information in the second line of the address field. We appreciate the extra step to make your order go through faster.

5) I already have a subscription. Will I get my order or will you run out?

Yes, if you are a current subscription client with us, you will get your order on your set delivery schedule. 

However, any changes made to your delivery schedule after March 10 will need to be pre-approved. We can't promise a sooner delivery date than the one that was on your original delivery schedule. You can email us to pre-approve a sooner delivery date than the one on your regular delivery schedule. 

6) What is your warehouse doing to take precautions?

A letter from our warehouse: We maintain a safe workplace environment and follow best-practices to protect the health of our employees. To ensure continuity of business operations, we have canceled all facility tours and visits in order to reduce any unnecessary exposure.

We’ve provided training to all our employees on taking necessary steps to reduce transmission of communicable disease in the workplace. We have enhanced in-place cleaning measures, supplies, training, guidance and support during this difficult time. 

Additionally, we are offering flexible shifts to accommodate parents and those who provide care to others. We provide paid sick time and other benefits in order to compensate employees who are unable to work in the event of illness.

7) Is it safe to receive and touch a package?

UPS has created a web page with helpful information as it relates COVID-19.

8) What's going to happen next week?

We don't know either. One day and one wipe at a time. We're all figuring it out together.