Covid Related Delays


Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic, shipping carriers warn of possible delays in shipping. In some areas around the country the delays in shipping can be longer.

Logging In

How do I login and set up an account?

Every customer who has ordered with us already can easily set up a password to view their account by clicking on "Create an Account" and completing the form. Once you're logged in, you'll be able to view details of past orders and manage your subscription if you have one.

I click the forgot password button, but I don’t get a password reset email.

Once you have created an account and set up a password, you should see a "Manage Subscription" button. Click on that button to manage all the details on your subscription. NOTE: If you are trying to update your shipping address, please make sure you go into manage subscriptions first and then edit your shipping address there. Simply, putting your new address in your customer profile will not update the shipping address on the subscription since each subscription is linked to its own details. Some customers have multiple subscriptions to different homes, so each subscription needs to be updated separately.

Order Cancellations

Can I cancel my order?

We are happy to cancel your order for you as long as it has not shipped. Please email with your order number and your request to cancel.

What is the timeline to cancel my order?

The cut-off time is 11am PST daily. You can cancel any order placed the same morning before 11am PST. NOTE: You must receive a confirmation that your order was cancelled. Simply emailing us does not confirm that your order was cancelled. We do our best to respond to emails as quickly as possible. However, on high traffic days there can be a lag time.

Can I change an order I already placed?

We are not able to edit orders once they have been placed. If your order has not shipped, we can cancel your order so you can place a new one.


Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Absolutely! You have no obligation to stay when you subscribe. You can cancel my logging into your account and clicking on "Manage Subscription" and cancel.

What benefits come with subscribing to a regular delivery of toilet paper?

When you subscribe to a regular delivery, you will receive 5% off all your shipments and free shipping every time.

What shipping option comes with a subscription?

All subscription orders default to FedEx SmartPost shipping option.

How do I know how much I should order?

As a rule of thumb, one adult uses about 3 rolls of toilet paper each week. If you are a light user, you can calculate 2 rolls a week and if you are heavy user you can calculate 4 rolls a week. A carton of 24 rolls should last on average about 8 weeks per one adult.

How do I know how to time my orders so I don’t have too much but don’t run out either?

When you select your order frequency, please keep in mind that it is how often an order will process, not when it will be delivered. Currently, the default shipping for subscriptions is FedEx Smartpost with a shipping time of 4 - 10 days (sometimes sooner if you're the west coast). You want to account for about a week to delivery when taking into considering your order frequency.

Managing My Subscription

How can I update my shipping address?

Login to your account > Manage Subscriptions > Edit Shipping Address. NOTE: You need to update the shipping address within the manage subscriptions section. Simply adding your new address to your customer profile will not update the subscription, since you can have multiple subscriptions to different addresses, each subscription needs to be updated separately.

How can I change my order frequency?

Login to your account > Manage Subscriptions > Edit Order Frequency. You can select any number of weeks you like.

Where can I change my billing information (credit card or billing address)?

Login to your account > Manage Subscriptions > Edit billing information.

Can I change my product choice/style?

Yes, absolutely! Login to your account > Manage Subscriptions > Swap product. Here you can swap to any product you like.

Can I pause my subscription?

Yes, absolutely! You can pause or cancel your subscription at anytime. Login to your account > Manage Subscription > Pause


Where is my order?

If you added Guide Shipping Protection to your order and now are experiencing issues, please go to to file a claim. Once submitted a Guide representative will begin processing your claim and follow up with you via email.

What shipping options are available?

Default shipping on orders including subscription orders is FedEx SmartPost. Other expedited shipping options include: FedEx 2 day FedEx 3 day FedEx Overnight DHL Express for shipments to Canada

What are shipping times?

FedEx SmartPost - 4 to 10 days FedEx 3 days - 3 days FedEx 2 days - 2 days FedEx Overnight - 1 day Shipping cut off times are at 11am PST Monday - Friday. All orders that come in before 11am PST are shipped out the next day.

Where do you ship to?

USA and Canada. We do not ship to PO Box addresses or addresses in Alaska, Hawaii, Guam, Virgin Islands, APO, Puerto Rico, American Sonoma, Micronesia, Marshall Islands, Northern Mariana Islands, or Palau.


Can I return my toilet paper?

We do not return toilet paper for sanitary reasons. If there's something wrong with your shipment or it arrives damaged, we will send you a replacement for your order.